Find Fulfillment and Financial Freedom from Helping Businesses Grow
Join the world's #1 business coaching franchise and contribute to the impact of improving the lives of Business Owners in your local area

Turn your passion for helping others into an asset and successful BUSINESS!

Work for yourself, but not by yourself. When joining ActionCOACH you will join a community or real people getting real results.

ActionCOACH is the pioneer of the business coaching sector and still the world's leading business coaching franchise with over 1,000 coaches across 82 countries.

Using the proven IP systems and tools to help businesses increase their profits, build stronger teams, and gain more time for the things they love, you'll be making a difference in the lives of others while creating real wealth for you and your family.

Watch this video from ActionCOACH BizX Conference and see the difference our Coaches make, every day!

Why joining ActionCOACH is an outstanding opportunity

By joining us as a Franchise Partner your will get access to: 

  • World-class training with ActionCOACH Global.
  • National and local support every step of the way
  • 15K Marketing bonus and dedicated internal team to support your business launch!
  • Over 3,500 proven business strategies and tactics to help grow your clients’ businesses...and your own

Abundance runs through our veins. We offer coaching support to help you grow your business coaching firm. From weekly calls, monthly webinars, book of the month, and masterclasses, national and global events and conferences that you can join.

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Build your coach business Action Coach

Invest in an unmatched credibility

Don't take just our word for it

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Get access to a world of knowledge and experience

  • You'll be invited into a world of knowledge, experience and an exclusive guaranteed business model that is recession-proof.
  • Learn how to build your own profitable business with ActionCOACH and make a real difference to thousands of people in your own region. 
  • ActionCOACH franchise partners have the benefit of a high margin, low cost business with a lower cost than most franchises on the market, and with great return on investment opportunity.

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Build your coach business Action Coach

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Our Partners share a common theme - the desire to help Businesses grow

About ActionCOACH

Join the world's largest business coaching franchise.
Founded by entrepreneur Brad Sugars in 1993, we have become one of the fastest-growing franchises worldwide.
Our vision, "World Abundance through Business Re-education," drives us to empower ambitious entrepreneurs like you to become thriving business owners, build profitable businesses, reduce stress, and attract, grow, and retain great teams within a thriving company culture. 
If you are curious and want to know more about Actioncoach history watch this video from our founder Brad Sugar

Grow quickly with scalable offers

You'll get access to our coaching programs.


Experience the power of ActionCOACH membership

Our latest program designed to revolutionise the success of your franchise.

ActionMEMBERSHIP offers a unique subscription-based group program that combines personalised coaching with exclusive access to monthly learning events.

Experience the power of monthly Member events, weekly Peer group sessions, Mastermind teams, and annual BizX events, all complemented by unlimited access to our comprehensive online Learning platform. Offer world-class business education and insights to your clients at a fraction of the cost. 

The results are remarkable:

  • Businesses learn faster, expand their knowledge, and adapt in ways that perfectly suit their needs. 
  • Franchisees can broaden their margins, paving the way for building lucrative multi-unit franchises.

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Calculate your business growth!

See how ActionMEMBERSHIP can help you build a successful franchise.*

*All results generated by the calculator, while based on real-world estimates, are purely theoretical and should not be used to guide or inform any financial or business decisions.

Find out which territories are available

Call us today to discover the available territories and explore the options for opening an ActionCOACH business in your local area. Our knowledgeable franchise development team is ready to provide you with the latest information and guide you through the process of becoming an ActionCOACH business owner.

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Take this opportunity to be a business owner in Ireland by partnering with the world’s largest business coaching franchise.

actioncoach ireland

Our Proven business coaching franchise allows unlimited scale and growth, and transforms your untapped potential into exceptional financial returns.

Action Coach Ireland

Gain confidence in running a business coaching franchise that will allow you to build a sellable asset by growing your territory.


Are You Ready For Success?

Is an ActionCOACH Franchise the right decision for you? Make a change in your life and be seen as a leader in your local community!


Master your life and business

Our proven business franchise model allows unlimited scale and growth, and transforms your untapped potential into exceptional cash returns.

Grab this business opportunity of being a business owner in Australia by partnering with the world’s largest business coaching franchise.

Gain confidence in franchising a coaching business that will enable you to build a sellable asset by growing your territory that can be increased in value.

Join the Action Community of Real People Getting Real Results, having a Real Impact.

Franchise A Booming €15B Billion Dollar Business Coaching Industry

As part of the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with now over 28 years experience and tens of thousands of happy business owners coached, we’re continually expanding across Ireland, looking for strong business builders and leaders to run their own Business Coaching Firms.

Since 1997, ActionCOACH has been recognized as the No. 1 business coaching franchise in the world because:

We have a guarantee system that will fasten your return on investment.
Our business model allows for unlimited scale and growth, as well as the ability to be an absentee owner, if desired.

Business Success Stories


Are you ready for this life changing opportunity?

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Do you have more questions?

We answer all your questions

What Is It?

  • A high margin, scalable business coaching franchise that allows you to build your Firm through your Team. You can also expand to multiple adjacent territories, install a management team to run the business day-to-day and ultimately exit the business to create a wealth event.
  • Tools and knowledge that allow you to maintain an industry exclusive guarantee your firm can optimize every aspect of a business and provide industry leading ROI to fellow owners in your community
  • An industry with low competition, high demand, and the sustainability to grow your team, expand your territory, and establish a management team to run the daily operations so you can create another avenue of wealth

How Does It Make Money?

  • The main revenue stream, outside of the hourly model, is the Membership Model. Within your territory or territories, it takes about 80-85 local business members to generate a $1,000,000/yr business.
  • Hourly Model Businesses pay a monthly retainer in advance for their selected services, establishing a client relationship that can last for several months or years- driving profitability through recurring revenue.
  • A short sales cycle that quickly builds upon itself without the need of managing an inventory, a large complex, or the handling of receivables so you can maintain a high profit margin

Who Is It For?

  • Strong leaders who are motivated to make a difference, enthusiastic about the many aspects of business development, and at ease and confident when interacting directly with other business leaders and important decision-makers
  • Business execs who are over the monotony of the corporate world and desire to utilize their skills and experience to add value to local businesses, help owners grow, and sustain a viable source of income and ROI
  •  Entrepreneurs seeking a high-growth investment that can contribute directly to their existing portfolio

"I Don't Have Business Experience"

  • You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is one of the most important reasons for partnering with ActionCOACH. 
  • You get support, help with systems, marketing, sales, operations, and everything a business needs to thrive.
  • Just copy and paste the system. All this requires is someone with a Business Mindset, Loves to help people, has some professional skills (Sales, Marketing, Admin, etc..)
  • If you don’t have the skills or mindset mentioned above, you just need to be willing to dedicate time to learn these skills that can translate into running a business.

Who We Are

ActionCOACH was founded in Brisbane, Queensland in 1993 by Australian-born entrepreneur Brad Sugars, the pioneer of the business coaching sector. Brad is still Chairman of the Company today and very much part of the continuous innovation and lead of our community culture.

Our Company Vision: To Create World Abundance Through Business Education. 

ActionCOACH has become the world’s leading business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 coaches across 82 countries.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses excel – and ActionCOACH Australia New Zealand is a part of that global ecosystem.

What We Do

Using the proven ActionCOACH IP systems and tools that have been created over the past 29 years, we help businesses to make more profit, build better teams, and get more time back so they can do more of what they love.

Why? Everything we do is because we want business owners to sleep better at night, have happier relationships, build better teams, and of course, create real wealth.

Business education creates abundance – for everyone.

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