About Rory

Rory Smyth is an experienced Sales & Marketing professional with 20 years successful experience as a Senior Manager in a number of commercial, sales and general management roles. Rory has a track record of delivering sustained revenue growth and creative marketing solutions. Rory is based in Naas and works predominantly with businesses in County Kildare and south Leinster.

An ActionCOACH Franchise Business Coach

Rory heads up a team of certified business and executive coaches and is an ActionCOACH practice owner. He helps driven and energetic business owners and leaders increase their profits and their operating efficiencies.

As your coaches and advisors, Rory will help you achieve more using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over the past three decades. He will hold you accountable for your results and, just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

Email Rory here: rorysmyth@actioncoach.com 

Call Rory directly:  0878267608

Why did you become an ActionCOACH?

I was always looking to have my own consultancy business but I also knew that starting a business is not easy and that I would need help with developing the systems and processes required.  After much research, I decided that ActionCOACH was the brand that was the best fit for me.  The ActionCOACH 14 Points of Culture resonate very strongly with me and I believed that joining ActionCOACH was going to provide me with the best opportunity to create a successful coaching business.

What do you love about being an ActionCOACH?

I love meeting and working with committed and passionate business owners across so many diverse business sectors and how the ActionCOACH system works for all businesses, regardless of their industry.  I love sitting down with clients to review our results and when your client starts telling you about all the wins and how their business has changed for the better and how happy they are, that’s what I love about being an ActionCOACH.

How has being an ActionCOACH impacted you most?

ActionCOACH has changed my general approach to life and my mindset in so many positive ways.  There is a huge focus in ActionCOACH on learning and I feel since joining ActionCOACH, I know that my knowledge and skill levels have grown significantly and that has had a positive impact on me and my family as well as making me a better coach to my clients.

What has been you biggest impact on your clients?

Every client is different and is looking for something different from their coaching relationship-some are looking for more money and with one client we have grown the value of the balance sheet by over 1700%, some clients are looking for structure and more time for themselves and a client has reduced his working week from 78 hours to 24 hours while doubling his net profit. But my highlight from my 10 years coaching, is the phonecall I received from the wife of a client in 2016 to thank me and ActionCOACH for what we have done for her husband and his business, because their family life had improved so much better than she could have possibly hoped for, since he started working with me.

What has been your greatest Highlight to date?

So many highlights in my career to date, a number of clients have won regional and national Awards for excellence and I have been fortunate to have won ActionCOACH EMEA Business Coach of the Year on 4 occasions.

Rory Smyth
Senior Business Coach

Rory operates in Leinster, Connaught and Ulster (Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal). Formerly the Commercial Director of the Football Association.