Gaining Confidence in Accelerating Your Business Growth with Richard and Helen


Gaining Confidence in Accelerating Your Business Growth with Richard and Helen

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Women in Business Series

How much has your business changed in the last 12 months? 

How much has how you serve your customers changed in the last year?

How confident are you in your skills to lead and grow your business?

Some businesses have benefitted from the global Pandemic but many have faced challenges that they never expected or planned for. With change comes opportunity. Are you finding yourself taking advantage of the opportunities? Or, are you finding it hard to build momentum and get the business moving forward again?

Join Richard Cullen & Helen Burns for this powerful webinar “Gaining Confidence in Accelerating Your Business Growth” – how to grow your team, your sales and your business when so much is changing and challenging you.



When everything shut down in March 2020 how we work and how we deal with customers and staff changed fundamentally and rapidly. Only the businesses who learn to adapt to this new way of working will survive and thrive. ActionCOACH have worked tirelessly helping clients adapt to this new reality and now Helen Burns and Richard Cullen will share with you what worked and what didn’t work in 5 key areas:

1. Remastering how to manage finances and cashflow; being organised with your time; delivery of your product or service; planning for the future.

2.  Differentiating yourself in the market place, growing sales and profits.

3.  Updating your systems to be more productive and efficient.

4.  Hiring, retaining, training your team and managing performance.

5.  And lots more tips to speed up your success and achieve better results.

We guarantee that you will leave this webinar with at least 3 immediately actionable ideas that will improve your business and accelerate your success!


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