Essential to any business is the lead generation funnel it creates to grow.

Do you have a strategy that you are certain will generate leads for your business? The answer I get most frequently is YES, I get referrals! That’s fantastic and it’s a great recognition of your performance in the market. But if I were to ask “How many referrals did you ASK for…… what would the answer be……probably a big round number! (0). ASKING for referrals is probably one of the best strategies out there!

I have found through testing and measuring that LinkedIn has worked for me in generating new clients….BUT my process and messaging has changed hugely from before. Seminars, Networking, Referrals and ASKING for referrals have also yielded very positive results.

S0…..what strategies and how many should you use? How much should you spend? All good questions, right?……. the ActionCOACH programme has 84 strategies for Lead Generation alone to choose from for all types of businesses, so where to begin?

Finding out where your current customers come from is a great place to start.  Identifying who exactly is your target market is a must and makes it easier to decide which strategies need to be used.  Testing & Measuring which ones are already working and how much is it costing you to obtain each new leads. Are you attracting the customers you deserve?!

Marketing should be regarded as an investment, NOT as a cost. It’s pretty much the same as Coaching!

SO, where do you want to go……..let’s have a chat!