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You’re reading this because you are considering investing in an ActionCOACH Firm. You believe that buying a business is an investment; an investment that will provide an additional income stream while you keep your day job, an investment that will build wealth, one that could future-proof your existing business, or one that could allow you to leave a legacy for your family.

But, what exactly are you getting for your investment of $75,000? How do you rationalize that investment? Will you be able to replace your current salary or income with the revenue your ActionCOACH Firm generates? When can you expect to see returns?

Keep reading. This article should answer your questions.

$75,000 is a Firm investment

The standard Firm Franchise Partner investment is $75,000 for a single region. It’s a firm investment for six reasons;

You own your territory 

ActionCOACH operates under a new, territory model. When you become a Firm Franchise Partner, you own the rights to your exclusive marketing territory which positions your firm as the only provider of ActionCOACH business coaching services in your designated area. It is your footprint upon which you can build an asset, providing both equity growth as well as cash flow. In this territory model, you have a saleable asset that will be worth more as a going concern than when you first started. 

You get world class training 

ActionCOACH provides training to empower you to run and grow a successful professional serves firm, and be a successful business coach. Our world class training programme is unparalleled in the industry in both methodology and content to ensure that every coach who wants to operate under ActionCOACH’s globally-respected brand is capable of providing confident business coaching services, and makes money. ActionCOACH’s comprehensive training provided in three parts is valued at $15,000.

Our Intellectual Property is yours

Our intellectual property has been built over the course of 28 years by some of the most successful business coaches and business people in the world. Their knowledge and expertise is captured and available for you to access. It’s there. It works. You don’t have to start from scratch.

business coaching franchise

You have an established brand

Founded in 1993 by Australian-born entrepreneur Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH is one of world’s largest and most respected business coaching franchises. As a Firm Owner, you are instantly part of an established and trusted brand which boosts your credibility, is worth more than an unknown brand, and allows you to command a higher price for your services. 

You get unrivalled support

Our coaches and partners not only get the very best training out there and access to ActionCOACH’s immense intellectual property, but they also get unrivalled support and guidance on using these tools to their fullest potential. The ongoing support is unmatched and the access to the library of ActionCOACH’s proven systems and processes will position your firm ahead of the competition.

You become part of a community

When you become part of ActionCOACH, you are immediately part of an extensive, established community of business coaches. The sense of community, the willingness to share knowledge, and the generosity of time and guidance to help one another grow in the ActionCOACH network is next level. From day one, you have the assurance of knowing that you are never alone, and everyone wants you to succeed.

starting your own busines

Generating revenue and getting returns 

If you can’t figure out how you can go from your current regular salary or income to earning the same from your ActionCOACH Firm, or you’re wondering how long it will take to see returns on your investment, read on. We’ll explain.

Generate revenue within 30 days

Within 30 days of completing your training, you will be generating revenue as a business coach if you follow ActionCOACH’s tried and tested methodology. Building-up to just six clients, you should be earning between $12,000 and $15,000 per month in the first six months. With eight to 10 clients, there is the potential to generate $20,000 in revenue for a time investment of about two days work per week. The ActionCOACH mantra is to work on your business rather than in it. So, while you have tremendous opportunity to generate revenue and see returns on your investment by coaching your own clients, you don’t want to get bogged down. As a Firm Owner, you can build-out a true professional services firm and employ an unlimited number of business coaches.

Scale for bigger gains

On average, one ActionCOACH Firm Owner employs about five business coaches, each one with the potential to coach about 2,000 clients and earn in the region of $30 000 to $40 000 per month. With an average billable hour of $450, business coaches earn an average of around $216,000 per year. With five business coaches at an annual income of $1,080,000, it is an outstanding ROI on a standard Firm Franchise Partner investment of $75,000 for a single region. 

starting your own busines

Returns in three years 

On your own, without recruiting any business coaches, you can see a return on your investment within three years. Earning an income of about $2 000 on each client, you should be earning about $12, 000 to $15,000 per month with a manageable client base of just six. Over a period of three years, just one of those clients will pay back your investment of $75,000 at $2 000 per month. Your return on investment will be considerably faster as you recruit business coaches to your ranks and build your firm.

It all depends on you.

It’s not the territory or the business or the market conditions that will determine how quickly you will start generating revenue, what your earning potential is or when you will see returns on your investment. It’s about the owner. The buck stops with you. 

To make it work, to earn the income you want and see the returns you expect, you must follow the ActionCOACH system. Yes, there are some who have come into the system and are comfortable. Then are those who come into the system and don’t succeed. Generally it is because they don’t follow the system and don’t do the work.

Bolt yourself to ActionCOACH rather than the other way around. Our systems are proven. They work. You will generate revenue. You will succeed.

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