How to start your own business? Or how to grow your own business? Are you tired of your business being “OK”, “fine” or just “surviving”? Are you ready to thrive? Are you ready to commit fully to your success? 

Then let me introduce you to a program that will set you on the journey to achieving your goals mad maybe even more than you ever thought possible…

The ActionCOACH ActionCLUB Program is an intensive 8 Week Coaching Program that teaches business owners and managers practical proven strategies that generate real wealth and turns a business into a high-performance people and profit-driven machine. 

Business leaders like you have been attending this program for nearly 20years in Ireland. We have been continuously improving and adapting to the environment to ensure our clients get the best return on their investment possible. To date, hundreds of business owners and managers from every industry and service sector have taken part in our program. 

Here’s what past ActionCLUB program participants have said:

“Participation in this program has greatly helped to focus on what is important for the long-term sustainability of our own business rather than just reacting and responding to ever changing daily demands.” – Deirdre Carr, Diomac

“Singularly this has been the best decision I’ve made in years.  I really didn’t grasp how much I was working in not on my own business. From the day I met Tom prior to COVID-19 I knew ActionCoach wasn’t like the others, the slogan real people, real results is nail on the head. I’ve said before, this is my tribe.” – Kathryn Mason, MASONRY

In a Post COVID-19 Environment, the need to adapt and pivot your own business to incorporate these new ways of working will be the difference in thriving for the remainder of the year and into 2022 or facing significant trading difficulties as a result of not moving quick enough.

Throughout the 8-week intensive ActionCLUB Program, you will learn the fundamentals of building a successful business model. You will learn the foundations required to outperform your competitors every time.

It will help you to build your skills as an owner so that you can develop, you and your business so that it can become profitable and sustainable. The ActionCLUB Program will give you the skills to create and implement the daily, weekly and monthly systems and practices that are key to growth.

Together with a group of similarly motivated business owners and managers, you will:

  • Learn skills in financial planning, time management, sales, marketing, teamwork, customer service and leadership.
  • Identify, understand and track the key numbers that will deliver your own business success.
  • Start taking action immediately to make improvements in how you do your own business.