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Over the past year, there has been a rapid increase in the use of business and executive coaching within organisations. Globally, the industry is estimated to exceed $15 billion in revenue, leaving little wonder why the rise in the use of business coaching services is being met by an increase in the number of entrepreneurs eying the business opportunity. 

Proving its mettle as a trusted franchise brand and a recession proof business, ActionCOACH Ireland continues to perform exceptionally well, demonstrating meaningful value and powerful revenue-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to future-proof their businesses with an additional income stream. 

Who are they?

Our Firm Owners in Ireland come from diverse backgrounds and industries; business consultants, recruitment agency owners, marketing agency owners, and managing directors or owners of businesses who want something more – another income stream, an investment for the future, or a new purpose. 

An ActionCOACH Firm is for the entrepreneurial minded. Someone who wants to grow a profitable, commercial enterprise with several business coaches working for them. These coaches operate the business within specified locations with protected marketing areas.

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Build a Firm to build wealth

If you see yourself growing a business coaching business as a way to build wealth, ActionCOACH’s Firm model is for you. Your primary focus will be to grow your firm and to support the business coaches working for you, giving you the ultimate opportunity to build and lead a commercially viable business that can work without you being there.

There is tremendous potential to scale an ActionCOACH Firm through expanding territories as well as through nurturing the ranks of business coaches who work for you. As the Senior Franchise Partner, you can employ an unlimited number of coaches over time, thus building out a true professional services firm. You pick your coaches, your clients, and set your own schedule to live the life you dreamed.

Of course, you can also focus on the area of operations in which you feel most comfortable. Perhaps you want to focus on developing a team, driving lead generation and or directly coaching clients? Ultimately, it will be your vision that curates the firm’s growth and expansion. 

As it grows, you and your team will have the business opportunity to proactively add to your knowledge bases, learning about the latest trends, methodologies and development techniques using the proven and tested ActionCOACH system to be even more successful. 

Find out about becoming A Firm Franchise Partner of ActionCOACH.

The International Coaching Federation defines business coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Business coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly from therapy, consulting, mentoring, or training.”

When hiring a business coach, people are looking for someone to show them a proven path and to provide them with the steps and guidance to grow their business. An effective business coach focuses on helping clients to increase the profitability, efficiency and overall success of their clients’ businesses.

Ideally, you should know how to succeed in business and have experience in the corporate world or as a successful entrepreneur. Business coaches are experts in their field, so with their experience and knowledge, they understand what it takes to set up a business for success. 

Yes, you will find yourself in the role of motivator and sounding board, but your focus is coaching them to achieve their higher aspirations in business, not their personal goals.

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Scaling an ActionCOACH Firm

When we talk about exponentially scaling an ActionCOACH Firm, at low on-boarding and overhead costs, we’re talking about recruiting and building a team of capable business coaches. On average, one ActionCOACH Firm Owner employs about five business coaches, each one with the potential to secure and coach about 2000 clients. With an average billable hour of $450, business coaches earn around $216,000 per year per year. With five business coaches at an annual income of $1,080,000, it is an outstanding ROI on a standard Firm Franchise Partner investment of $75,000 for a single region. It is possible to own more than one territory and these can be bought and sold which means you have a sellable asset. 

As an ActionCOACH Firm Owner in Ireland you will have a variety of products to create revenue stream options. The scope for your business coaches to serve their clients, and ultimately determine their income – and drive revenue for the Firm – is broad, diverse and scalable, with several products ranging from one-on-one coaching programmes, workshops and peer networking events to online assessments and personality profiling. 

You can’t fail to scale

ActionCOACH Firm Owners never have to be fearful of not making money or failing to scale. You can expect excellent returns on your investment in ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching franchise with more than 25 years of experience.  

You have the freedom to hire an unlimited number of coaches to serve your territory or territories. This business opportunity allows you to leverage your operations and expand into multiple territories easily and efficiently.

It is easy to scale a professional services firm through recruiting and capacitating quality business coaches with ActionCOACH’s powerful IP. We support Firm Owners with finding business coaches, training programmes, sales materials, marketing collateral and a support team to ensure they are successful and continue to grow their firms. The training is unparalleled, the ongoing support is unmatched and the access to the library of ActionCOACH’s proven systems and processes will set-up the coaches in your firm for success.

Low overheads, big purpose

Business coaching is a professional service with low overheads and high margins. Your business coaches can work remotely, from wherever they are, and have the potential to diversify and scale their services to clients based on the areas in which they are most comfortable, and excel at. 

Moreover, it is a business with purpose. Teaching business owners to develop winning game plans, how to build strong teams and how to grow profits will be part of your coaches’ everyday purpose. In growing your firm, you will be building a team of competent business coaches who are a lifeline for small businesses by helping to improve bottom-line results and ultimately making a real economic impact in their communities. 

starting your own busines

Add a new service to your current business

To learn more about how you can add a valuable business model to your existing business that can produce proven growth and scalability of your profits and time, visit this page.

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