A successful ActionCOACH is results driven, motivated and willing to follow the system. Business Coaches who lead the field around the world not only run a highly profitable business and have exceptional client relationships; they also contribute to the growth and development of the franchise worldwide.

Surveys show franchisees succeed because of an eagerness to learn and a desire to help others; a willingness to work long hours to get the momentum going; good people and relationship building skills; sales ability or a willingness to learn and apply sales systems; solid self-discipline and family support; an ability to take direction when needed and to read when necessary; having money in reserve and being willing to invest it; a willingness to take risks and to ask for help; being well organized and being a good planner.

Common reasons for failure include not following the system; not working hard enough or not doing enough marketing; going ahead despite family opposition; spending money on the good things in life earning it; not enjoying selling to other business people; not having the self-discipline to cope with the responsibility of owning a small business; being under-funded and misleading the franchisor on the amount of funds available.