Like all new entrepreneurial ventures, the first 12 months will be the hardest, not because of the amount of work you’ll do, but because the work will be different.

The learning curve that our franchisees go through is steep … and we can guarantee that you will learn more as an ActionCOACH in the first 12-18 months than you will learn anywhere else. As a trainee, you’ll become a sponge soaking up information from every source, whether it is other Business Coaches, books, seminars or personal experience. Plus, you’ll want to know more about everything … which means you will be VERY busy.

Being new at the business coaching game, you’ll be trying out all our different sales and marketing strategies, trying to find the strategies that will work for you in your business …

So even though initially you will be spending at least 25 hours per week marketing, selling and gaining knowledge, you will find that as the business grows, you can divide your time more evenly between Marketing and Delivery. This should see you working between 40 to 60 hours a week in the first year of your apprenticeship.

We do recommend however, that when you have between 8 and 12 clients, you hire a Personal Assistant so you can leverage your time more effectively. At this point you will start to choose the hours of work that suit you, your clients and your prospects.

As you settle into your new business, you should be working around 2 hours per week per client with one hour spent coaching and the other doing behind the scenes preparation work.