Did you ever think about how systemised is your business? To have a business that works regularly and produces profit without you. It is necessary to have a systematized business in order to find time to work on the work rather than inside the work and to have the opportunity to take long vacations. So, if you don’t go to your business for a week, will everything go wrong or will things stop?

JACK DALY, the American sales guru, believes that most sports teams are better managed than most businesses! Why I hear you ask……. Well because most sports teams have a “Playbook”, a guide to how things are done around here. General rules and boundaries, timetables, The team motto and what it means to everyone who comes into the team, Training schedules and routines, practice plays, statistics on the team members performance and those of other competitors, The history of the club and the expectations of future achievements are all readily available for anyone who joins the team. 

Which areas in your business are systemised and which areas are not yet?

SO if I walked into any business and asked them for their “Playbook”, how many would have an updated simple guide or manual, which clearly shows how things are done in the business. 

  • What is the vision
  • What are the values and culture we want team members to embrace on a daily basis? 
  • What are the rules of the game? 
  • What is the organisational structure of the business? 
  • What are the key performance indicators each team member is being measured on? Etc….. 

I would hazard a guess that there would be very few businesses that could produce such a simple guide or manual which clearly shows the right path everyone needs to travel in the business. I would imagine that some companies would have parts of it as part of their induction process. Other businesses don’t really operate an induction programme so a majority of the learnings take place on the floor or through other team members understanding of the rules and regulations. 

SYSTEMS play a crucial role in the management and growth of every business. Every part of the business should fall within a clear and well-documented system, outlining the who, when, where and how of each and every step within the system. The general rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule (The Pareto Principle) 80% of routines should be Systemised with the other 20% being Humanised, in business. The problem often doesn’t materialise in a business until someone leaves the business, resulting in a huge knowledge gap of what the person did, how they did it etc. as the person who left just did everything from habit and not by following an agreed process. Interestingly it is often at this time when business owners begin to challenge the way things have been done as a fresh pair of eyes and a different focus often throws up interesting anomalies which have been uncovered up to this point. Some of the basic systems we look at with our clients are;

  • Recruitment System – From the 1st Advert to the Confirmation of the position.
  • Induction System – Clear from the 1st day through to the last day of Induction
  • Appraisal System – Clear, consistent and allowing 360 degree feedback on the business
  • Training System – New employees and ongoing training programmes
  • Communication System – Including Email Policy, Meeting etiquette, Huddle Management 
  • Sales System – Scripting, timelines, planning,
  • CRM System – To stay in touch with your existing clients/customers

OUR ActionCOACH guide is as follows ….. 

“Systems Run Your Business – Your People Manage Systems – You Lead your People”

At ActionCOACH, looking at how we can implement and manage Systems within the business is only one of the many areas of business expertise we look at with our clients. Having the Right Systems in place is just one area within one of our Six Steps to Business Mastery Model which we bring all of our clients through in great detail.

For more information on how we can help you with your business challenges drop me a mail at desryan@actioncoach.ie or head over to our website www.ActionCOACH.ie for further information.

It is not a dream to have a constantly growing business with a systemized business and a strong team. Don’t forget to read this blog post where we wrote the 6 Keys to A Winning Team. Click here.