About Derek

As a passionate Business Coach, Marketing Professional, Professional Speaker and Trainer Derek is dedicated to helping Irish business owners market and sell more effectively and profitably.

As a Gitomer Certified Advisor Derek represents the worlds leading author on Sales, Customer Service, Attitude and more and can offer a huge variety of training modules to suit your organisation.

An ActionCOACH Franchise Business Coach

I have been a Business Coach with ActionCOACH for over 16 years now. I was the first coach in Europe and have worked 1-2-1 with over 350 businesses. I have been consistently in the top 10 Coaches in Europe for the past 15 Years winning European Coach of the Year on 2 occasions and Global Rookie of the year in 2002.

★ Two of my PROUDEST achievements are:
★Coaching a client to double turnover in 18 months to over €20m in turnover.
★Seeing my clients expand their businesses, grow profitably and work less hours each week

I am continually looking to reach out and help professionals that need to get more Clients and Customers on a regular basis.

I’m interested in working with committed business owners who want to grow their business in terms of increased profitability and productivity. These business owners also want to act as great leaders within their business and are keen to learn.

Email Derek here: derekodwyer@actioncoach.com

Derek O’Dwyer

Why did you become an ActionCOACH?

It allowed me to live and work in Co. Clare, running my own business, working in a field where I had studied and gained 10 years of experience in.

What do you love about being an ActionCOACH?

I love the fact that the work that we do positively impacts not only the lives of business owners, but their families and teams over a number of years. When clients achieve transformative change in their business and life and acknowledge your role int his change, it is very rewarding.

How has being an ActionCOACH impacted you most?

It has enabled me to live and work in a great part of the county, be around to see my children grow and develop. It has allowed me to positively impact the lives of many, both in the business and in my community based on the experience and knowledge that I can apply on a daily basis.

What has been you biggest impact on your clients?

The increase in profitability has allowed them to make transformative life choices for themselves and their families which would not have been possible had they not made the decision to change. While it is not all about the money, money is an enabler and when peoples relationship with money changes for the better, their lives change for the better.

What has been your greatest Highlight to date?

I have assisted clients to create over 250 jobs in the past 3 years.

Derek O'Dwyer
Business Coach

Derek operates in Munster. Previously a sales executive, Derek has been a globally awarded coach since 2002.