DO you have a vision, a real long term plan for your business? Where are you looking to be in Five or even Three years time? How are you going to get there? Do you have a really clear Vision of what it is you are looking to become or what it is you want to be renowned for? In a previous article, I mentioned the importance of the entire team knowing and striving to achieve the Vision set down by the leaders of the business. This is only possible if the actual Vision, Mission and Culture of the business is clearly established and visible for all to see. So what do I mean when I ask if you have a vision for the business?? What do you want to be renowned for? What is that almost unachievable goal which gets you and your team out of bed every morning??  Along with the Vision, the Mission and Culture of the business are vital cornerstones for the business. Without them the business is a little rudderless, lacking clear direction and consistency to achieve the business goals.

Think About Your Vision

A nice way to think about your Vision is when you head off on a Holiday of a lifetime. You can see yourself lying by the sea on a beautiful sandy beach with your favourite cocktail in your hand and your fabulous partner by your side. Once you have the vision you then need a plan to take you there.. You set about planning every detail, flights, accommodation, transfers, airport parking, clothes, money and of course passports! Not only that but everyone travelling with you also knows where they are going, what to pack when to be ready… you get the picture… What would happen if you just rocked up to the airport and took a chance on getting to the same destination you have envisioned?? Would you end up on a plane heading to a lovely destination? Yes, possibly but more than likely you will be on a different plane, heading to a different resort on a different island, which may turn out to be ok…… but is it where you set out to go initially?

Vision Needs to Be Visible

YOUR Vision, once you have decided exactly what it looks like, needs to be visible every day. Has it been designed and stuck up on the wall of the office so that you and the team can see it every day? Ensure the vision is included at every part of your recruitment process so that everyone starting in your business understands where the business is going from day one. Include it in Email headings so that all your clients, potential clients and suppliers all know where you are going and what it is you are looking to achieve. But why would you go to these extremes to let people know your Vision? Accountability…. The more people you share your Vision with, the better chance you have of achieving it because people can and will pull you up on it if you veer off course on the way.

What is Mission?

YOUR Mission is basically the things you need to achieve every day to ensure you stay on track to hit your vision. This could be offering the greatest customer service on a consistent basis every day or producing the best quality product you possibly can, without exception. And if you or your team ever falls below the expectation, it is called out and actioned to avoid it happening again.

Culture And Values of the Business

FINALLY then Culture of the business is another key element to get right. The Culture and Values of the business clearly set out the way in which people in the business treat each other and indeed anyone who comes into contact with the business, Customers, Suppliers, Potential leads, etc

At ActionCOACH, ensuring the Business has a clear Vision and a clear idea of where it is going is vital to the long-term success of the business. This starts with the business owner and senior team if one is in place. The key is to ensure the whole team learn, understand and deliver results in accordance with the vision of the business. We work with owners to ensure everyone in the business are heading in the same direct, direction of success.

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