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As the world of business moves faster, gets more competitive, and becomes increasingly complex, the use of knowledge-based products and services is becoming crucial to economic success. On the flip side, the value of a business is increasingly based on its ability to provide customers with meaningful solutions that can drive that economic success.

Business coaching, as a knowledge-based service that has the potential to drive business success, is increasingly sought by business-owners who need help with navigating a changing landscape and growing their companies. 

Globally, the business coaching industry is estimated to exceed $2 billion in revenue, leaving little wonder why the rise in the use of business coaching services is being met by an increase in the number of entrepreneurs eying the business opportunity.

You’re reading this because you are considering a business coaching franchise to give you another income stream, as an investment for the future, or because you are seeking a new purpose. How can ActionCOACH help you achieve your aspirations?

ActionCOACH is not a training programme

Knowledge is ActionCOACH’s product. By virtue, as an ActionCOACH Firm Owner, your roots are firmly planted in the knowledge industry, and the market place is progressively open to the knowledge that you can give them to navigate the evolving business landscape. 

Yes, ActionCOACH provides a world class training programme that is unparalleled in the industry in both methodology and content. This ensures that every partner or coach who wants to operate under ActionCOACH’s globally-respected brand is empowered to share ActionCOACH’s knowledge and provide confident business coaching services.

However, you are not investing in a training programme. When you invest in an ActionCOACH Firm, you are buying a knowledge-based business with powerful revenue-generating opportunity derived from the share of valuable knowledge. 

Looking at your clients as learners requires a shift in thinking. When your clients use your services, they engage in an educational process. You become an educator, a mentor, a coach who can promote the learning experience for profit. Ultimately, your customers will profit from that experience. 

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Knowledge appreciates in value

When you invest in an ActionCOACH Firm, you buy intellectual property that has been built over the course of 28 years by some of the most successful business coaches and businesspeople in the world. Their knowledge and expertise is captured and available for you to use to build your business coaching enterprise. 

This knowledge has the potential to appreciate in value every time you sell it. How? Well, the more you deliver ActionCOACH knowledge, the better you become at it, and the more valuable it becomes, allowing you to command a higher price for your services. 

Not only do you own ActionCOACH’s immense intellectual property, but you as well as your coaches get unrivalled support and guidance on using its tools to their fullest potential. The ongoing support is unmatched and the access to the library of ActionCOACH’s proven systems and processes will position your firm to capably offer and refine premium business coaching services to help its clients achieve business success. Their success is your success.

As it grows, your team will have the opportunity to proactively add to its knowledge base, learning about the latest trends, methodologies and development techniques using the proven and tested ActionCOACH system to be even more successful. 

Your Firm is a saleable asset

ActionCOACH Ireland operates under a new, territory model. A Firm Franchise Partner, you own the rights to your exclusive marketing territory which positions your firm as the only provider of ActionCOACH business coaching services in your designated area. It is your footprint upon which you can build an asset, providing both equity growth as well as cash flow. In this territory model, you have a saleable asset that will be worth more as a going concern than when you first started. It is possible to own more than one territory, and territories can also be bought and sold.

ActionCOACH territories have been statistically drawn to ensure each has a minimum of 20,000 SMEs that you and your business coaches can target with a wide array of services including seminars, workshops, training sessions, online assessments and personality profiling. 

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Future-proof your business with an ActionCOACH Ireland

Proving its mettle as a trusted franchise brand and a recession proof business, ActionCOACH continues to perform exceptionally well, demonstrating meaningful value and significant revenue-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to future-proof their businesses with an additional income stream. 

Our Firm Owners come from diverse backgrounds and industries; business consultants, recruitment agency owners, marketing agency owners, and managing directors or owners of businesses who want something more.

If you see yourself growing a business coaching empire as a way to build wealth, ActionCOACH’s Firm model is for you. Your primary focus will be to grow your firm and to support the business coaches working for you, giving you the ultimate opportunity to build and lead a commercially viable business that can work without you being there.

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To learn more about how you can add a valuable business model to your existing or for business expansion that can produce proven growth and scalability of your profits and time, visit:  https://actioncoach.ie/contact/ .

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