Richard Cullen Apr 2022

In the last 12 months I have doubled the number of SME Business Owners that I am working with. I have asked myself is that because I am doing more Marketing or is it because more Business Owners are looking for a Coach? Could they have increased their confidence that they can improve their business by hiring a business coach? The reality is it’s a mixture of them.

Is hiring a business coach necessary?

Is hiring a business coach a luxury?

Is hiring a business coach something worth investigating?

When a new Client starts working with me the first meeting is focused on their goals and what they want from Coaching. Here are the top 7 reasons I have observed from their objectives for taking on a Coach.

7 Reasons For Hiring a Business Coach

  • Change

So much has changed in a short space of time, it’s a very different marketplace to what it was in 2019. Dealing with that change quickly and decisively has not been easy. A wrong decision or procrastinating on a decision can be detrimental to the business. Having experienced help to implement and drive change is a necessity and not a luxury.

  • Confidant

When so much has changed so quickly trusting our instincts can become a risk and a worry. Worrying about it obviously doesn’t help so, having someone we trust to run our concerns by can help us think through different scenarios and come up with a clear path forward. Sometimes family, friends and colleagues are not the ideal source of help as they may just add to the noise and confusion.

  • Competition

Competition in the marketplace for people has probably become one of the biggest areas of concern. Not only are we competing in the marketplace for customers, now there is significant competition for new team members. The best team members want to play with the best team so how do we position our team as a great one to join? How do we stand out in a noisy and crowded marketplace?

  • Challenges

The speed of change is accelerating and throwing up new challenges faster and faster. Adapting to these challenges can be frustrating especially if your team are resisting new ideas. Building a strong team who embrace change and adapt faster to new ideas, new technologies, new systems is vital to overcoming these challenges. Building winning teams is what great Coach’s do best.

  • Clarity

People can easily become incapacitated with choice. There is so much choice and so many options available to us across all aspects of business these days, it can be hard to decide which option is best. Having someone hold us accountable to a plan instead of falling into a trap of reacting and responding to today’s crisis or to jumping onto the latest ‘bright shiny object’, can bring greater clarity to the next steps.

  • Community

When I bring my clients together for a workshop the one comment I frequently hear is that, it is great to be in a room with peers who are going through what I’m going through. Being in a community with a common language to talk about business challenges and opportunities can be hugely liberating. Also being in a community of businesses who are further ahead can stretch us and of businesses who are behind can bring us confidence as we share our experience and realise we are making progress.

  • Confidence

Being a leader in business these days can lead to a huge amount of self-doubt. Am I good enough, am I smart enough, can I cope with being pulled in so many different directions and being in constant demand from my team? Developing as a business leader takes practice and perspective, which are very difficult to put time into when we are in constant demand. I love seeing my clients develop as leaders through the coaching process and all it takes is less than 1 hour per week.

If any of the 7 C’s above are affecting you then let’s arrange to have a chat. 

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