How to be successful

  1. Decide what success looks like for you.
  2. Spend time defining why you need to have this success. The stronger your “Why” the more likely you will be successful.
  3. Write down what your success looks like.  Go into as much detail as you can
  4. Use a “Wheel of Life” approach – google this – to make sure you cover all aspects of your life
  5. Write down what needs to happen for you to achieve the success you have written out
  6. Make a list of actions you need to take to make things happen.
  7. Get a good coach to help you stay accountable to your plan of action
  8. Never give up! Review how many times Edison experimented with material for his light-bulb invention
  9. Success can be about “showing up” repeatedly
  10. Celebrate every win you have on your journey to success – this will help to attract more of this type of win into your life.